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Monteverde Brewing Company

Monteverde Brewing Company, as its name indicates, is located in Monteverde, in the northwest of the country in the mountains of the Puntarenas province in the Continental Division. We have a 110 m2 plant where we produce beer for our brewpub and for distribution to local customers with a production capacity of approximately 2,649 liters per month.

We are the Monteverde brewery!

Each beer has an intention, a reason for being and they are produced in small quantities to guarantee the highest quality and freshness.

Our secret lies in the quality of the ingredients and we are lucky to live in the Monteverde cloud forest where water (our main ingredient) is rich in minerals, is a source of life and is present everywhere. Barley and hops are not produced in Costa Rica so they are imported, giving us the freedom to experiment and let our creativity flow every time we want to make a new beer.  

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