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Botella SIRENA DORADA Peq-01.png
Sirena Dorada White-01-01.png

Sirena Dorada

Golden Ale / 4,7% Alc. vol

Amargor Sirena-02-01.png

Sirena Dorada is inspired by nature, its fruity tones and light color make it a refreshing beer.

Botella EL RAYADO Peq-01.png
Rayado White-01.png

El Rayado

El Rayado is inspired by all of us who have a child inside and who enjoy doing daring things from time to time. Its formulation is simple, but its strong character and citrus and floral aromas will drive you crazy.

Amargor Rayado-01.png

American Pale Ale / 6,3% Alc. vol

Botella RED TAPIR Peq-01.png
Red Tapir White-01.png

Red Tapir

Red Tapir is a beer with reddish tones from the combination of 7 different malts. It is inspired by the Tapirus bairdii, which is the largest land mammal in Costa Rica.

Amargor Red Tapir-01.png

Red Ale / 5,5% Alc. vol

Botella MI TATA Peq-01.png
Mi Tata White-01.png

Mi Tata

My Tata is inspired by tatas (Tata: Costarican way to say dad) who can be bitter and strong-willed but always keeping in mind that sweet love for their children. For this reason, in this IPA you will find a high presence of hops and an incomparable fruity aroma.

Amargor Mi Tata-01.png

India Pale Ale / 6.0% Alc. vol

Botella SALSIPUEDES Peq-01.png
Botella SALSIPUEDES White.png


Salsipuedes is a place within the Corcovado National Park where you can only cross walking at low tide. This is a black beer in which we use handcrafted organic coffee which provides an unbeatable flavor and aroma. It bears this unique name since our brewmaster, despite not liking coffee, once had to drink it waiting for the tide to go out in the company of a very good friend.
RIP Carr Pechtel.

Amargor Rayado-01.png

Coffee Stout / 5.0% Alc. vol

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