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Fried plantain pattys accompanied by pico de gallo, ground beans and house shredded meat.

Chilli Poppers

Breaded jalapeño peppers, stuffed with 2 cheeses (mozzarella and cream cheese), bacon and chives. Accompanied by pico de gallo and coriander mayonnaise.

Monteverde Hummus

Fresh Hummus accompanied by cucumber, carrot and fried sweet potato sticks.

Chef's Specialties

Drunk Chicken Salad

Drunk Chicken Salad (chicken marinated in Sirena Dorada beer) grilled with radish, carrot, cucumber, bell pepper, julienned purple onion, beet, arugula, lettuce, coriander, kale and soy dressing and balsamic vinegar.

House Burguer

200 gr of beef and pork patty marinated with RED ALE TAPIR, accompanied by mozzarella cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickle and caramelized onion.

Vegan Burguer

150 gr of beet and bean patty, onion rings, tomato, mixed leaves, pickles and house mayonnaise.

Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers marinated in beer. Accompanied by cucumber and carrot. Sauces to choose: BBQ, Mustard-Honey, Buffalo or Teriyaki.


Beer Pint 16oz

Hard Seltzer

Natural Smoothies

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